My puppy is only ten weeks old, is it too early to train?

Not in the least! At this point in your young dog’s life, called an imprinting stage, proper exposure and guidance to this giant world is key. Mischief Managed Canines can assist you in navigating socialization, enrichment and handling.

Our eight year old dog has never been to obedience school, does the adage of “old dogs not being able to learn new tricks” hold water?

Just like people, dogs mature and become their own creature. However, it is never too late to train. Working with seniors is a great joy here at Mischief Managed Canines and we look forward to giving every dog clarity.

Help! My German Shepherd nipped my grandkid and my family thinks he is a bad dog. What can I do?

Give Mischief Managed Canines a call to schedule an assessment and together we can bridge this communication breakdown. Dogs evolved alongside humans to work together and without a joint job or activity, some dogs will create their own.

I have a chiweenie that everyone says cannot be trained. Do you work with small breeds?

Dogs of every size and background are welcome! Small and toy breeds oftentimes feel underrepresented in this sphere of canines more than four times their size but Mischief Managed Canines helps them gain confidence and a sense of balance.

I would like to train my dog myself to pass the Canine Good Citizen test. Where should I start?

The Canine Good Citizen test or CGC is a wonderful accomplishment for dog and handler. Forming that bond through training will grow the trust and companionship that is mutually desired. Mischief Managed Canines is a qualified evaluator and can walk you through the requirements and how best to reach them.

I am interested in obtaining a service dog. Do you provide trained dogs or will you train my personal pet to become one?

Thanks ever so much for your interest. We do not train service dogs due to the time commitment and expense necessary. This Able Veteran is an amazing organization that may be able to guide anyone interested in the truths and acquisition of service animals. Further information can be found at

I have a Border Collie that never quits! How do I handle her?

Border Collies were historically and remain a working breed. Mischief Managed Canines enjoys giving dogs with drive jobs or tasks to fulfill. Whether it be retrieving, scentwork hiking, accompanying a human on a paddleboard or agility, we will find the best fit for both you and your four legged friend.

My dog constantly barks at the mailman and I live in a small apartment. I need him to stop but don’t want to hurt him. Can you show me how?

Yes, indeed! Dogs are first and foremost, cousins of the wolf and thus, use vocalization, movement and body language to communicate. Teaching you about why it is happening and the thought process behind it will allow you to determine what steps to take to change bad behaviors. Mischief Managed Canines implements balanced techniques alongside a better understanding of this creature sharing your home.

I adopted a dog from a shelter and she remains fearful of strangers and loud noises. What do I do?

Before beginning, congratulations on rescuing your dog and saving a life. Adoption is a noble and worthy endeavor. Many dogs have suffered abuse, been under socialized or merely lack the trust and support they never had. Mischief Managed Canines will assess your dog and help both of you learn to become confident and desensitized to the sometimes spooky world we live in.

My name is Bubbles and I want this little fluffer to go to school. Do you train kitties?

Bubbles, as much as we love felines, we do not train them. However, everyone at Mischief Managed Canines would love to give her some good chin scratches if you want to bring her by!

Feel free to contact us at or by call or text at (618) 713-5500. Have an incredible day!