During the two week stay with a professional trainer, your dog will learn basic obedience, manners and the problems described and witnessed will be worked through in a safe and capable environment. You will be updated via text or e-mail until you rejoin your pooch for lesson instructing you on what they learned while away at school.

Shuba can be seen learning placeboard with his own dog bed atop allowing for an easy transition home where he can be asked to go to “Bed” and remain until called off making life easier for his owners and their newborn baby. He is able to handle the distractions of my lovely assistant, Kinga, also “placing” atop her own two-tiered bed.

By training dogs in a real life home environment, adjusting to cause a similar level of chaos as your own home may have, they are able to be caught and taught not to do convenient crimes such as countersurfing or bolting through the door when hauling in groceries.

Clearing brush from my backyard while Swan maintains a downstay is a wonderful way to ensure owners can relax during gardening.

Not all dogs will need this intense level of instruction and only those that will truly benefit will be allowed. Working with your dog is the best way to grow that bond and respect. During the initial meeting, various training plans will be discussed and we will work together to decide the best fit.