Both the IACP or International Association of Canine Professionals and the CCPDT or Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers have polices and ethical discussions on the methods of training.

In January 2017, Tyler Muto the President of the IACP wrote a letter to those governing the City of Toronto is response to a ban on prong and choke collars. In his well written diatribe, he describes the history, hypocrisy, effectiveness and pragmatism of a balanced approach.

The CCPDT’s policy is called LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) and goes into depth about using positive reinforcement and building that baseline of understanding before using anything that may be deemed a correction. There is a wonderfully charted “Humane Hierarchy” that allows a competent trainer to find solutions.

I highly admire and adhere to this protocol. I am not a “Purely Positive” trainer. I find validity in those methods up until a point and are willing to use all the skills, drives, rewards and tools I have learned throughout my years training dogs in need of behavioral modification.