Hannah Redfeairn grew up in Southern Illinois where she attended SIUC with the intention of assisting not-for-profits with marketing and raising awareness for those lacking a voice. However, she found that the most silent of the misunderstood were all around her, in every neighborhood, tethered to another species.

Trust building and catching the last of those winter rays of sun.

Beginning an apprenticeship under Behesha Doan at Extreme K-9 allowed her to learn about puppies in need of socialization, fear aggressive pooches and how to communicate basic obedience and manners to any canine. Simultaneously, she entered into the service dog training world with This Able Veteran and started training retrieves, alerts, mobility assistance and other specialized tasks.

Using balanced training methods of a marker and interrupting the predecessors of fear aggression, Rose the reactive Belgian Malinois can be worked around young trainer-to-be Alli to further Rose's desensitization to children.

She further pushed herself to become an associate of the International Association of Canine Professionals, a certified Canine Good Citizen evaluator and a prominent believer in the standards of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.

When a newly formed service dog organization Leashes of Valor located outside Richmond, Virginia asked her to come help, she put faith in adventure and has been a resident of this fine Commonwealth ever since. Alongside rescuing and training dogs for service work as LOV’s lead trainer, she began her own company Mischief Managed Canines.

Despite a compound fracture and strained ligaments, the passion for training overcame and Hannah can be seen teaching Tango a slow paced heel and auto-sit. Tango was a graduate of Leashes of Valor's service dog organization where Hannah was the lead trainer.

After running LOV’s canine department and creating their framework for success, she took another leap of faith and left to expand her knowledge base to include grooming and further her scent work skills. She is now focusing on clients seeking to understand their dogs that are “solemnly up to no good” and provide guidance to those interested in a working dog.