“I’ve known Hannah for a little over a year. She has been an amazing teacher to my 14 year old daughter who volunteers with her training dogs about four hours every week. I’ve watched Hannah rescue a unruly, untrained dog from the animal shelter and turn it into the most well-behaved service dog.

Hannah is a fun-loving lady who possesses the skills to train anyone dog/human. She is an enthusiastic leader who always maintains her professionalism. With patience and an ability to explain and demonstrate strategies clearly, she draws out the very best from the dogs and volunteers who in turn look up to her.

I know Hannah to be dependable, responsible, honest and courteous. She is by far the most talented dog trainer I’ve met. I’ve seen her work dogs through very difficult situations without the fear of getting bit and all the confidence in the world in the dog. Hannah sees the very best in every dog.

Hannah will be an asset to you and your dog. I am confidently recommending her. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you would like to discuss further what I witness every week watching Hannah work with my young daughter and the dogs.”

Amy Outlaw

“Hannah is a trainer that I would give 5-stars out of 5 to.  She is compassionate and knows how to ‘read’ dogs abilities, and their expectations (truthfully) of their handler.  He has been certified as a therapy dog, but I wanted to know more, and I could tell he wanted to learn more.  I learned that when my dog was ‘failing’ it was because I was failing.  He had the skills, and picked up new ones easily, but it was ME that needed the proper training through better skills leash handling, and better positive verbal re-enforcement. 

Hannah and I have met in various locations to provide different stimulus for him.  My leash handling skills are improving, but also my communication through verbal, leash adjustment and body language are improving.  Not only did she help train my dog, but she taught ME how to continue his lessons at home.  Now, we are rocking our therapy visits, as well as showing off our skills a little more on our daily walks.”

Juli Rasure

Hannah knows dogs and can work her magic for your dog right before your eyes. She is responsive, responsible and available to help with whatever you and your dog need.

Patti M.

Hannah was excellent with my dog Oakley!!! She really helped me understand how to properly train my dog.

Kasi M.

Hannah was excellent and helped me and my dog, Illana, a six month old Aussiedoodle. She explained why Illana was pulling on the leash, biting my fiance’s hands and how to stop bad behavior and let her know what to do and when. I highly recommend her!

Marianna P.

Hannah has been absolutely wonderful with my very shy and skittish Doberman. Originally, I was looking for someone to come visit with my girl while I was at work, but not necessarily needing someone to walk her. My dog isn’t necessarily friendly towards strangers and other dogs, so I worried about someone taking her out of the house, plus I run her often. I just wanted to find her a companion to check up on her and give her love. Hannah responded to my request. From my first meeting with Hannah, I was very impressed. She did a meet and greet with me and my dog to determine both our needs/wishes. Hannah advised on a few training sessions and then she plans to transition my dog to walks/visits. Hannah explained to me how my dog’s behavior is due to lack of confidence and is working on building her confidence. I have noticed a difference in how my dog behaves within just a few sessions with Hannah. I love how she provides me pictures and updates while I am at work, and also informs me of what they worked on for the day as well as “homework” for me to work on to continue my girl’s progress. I would definitely recommend Hannah to anyone. She puts both my dog and me at ease.

Erin R.